Arghavan Gostar Ilam Petrochemical Company


Arghavan Gostar Ilam Petrochemical Company intends to procure a polypropylene product from the chemical grade of propylene produced by the olefin unit of Ilam Petrochemical. The location of this project is in Chavar city of Ilam province.
Due to the planning and construction of the olefin unit of Ilam Petrochemical and the extraction of more than one hundred thousand tons per year of chemical grade propylene, Arghavan Gostar Ilam Petrochemical Company has been established near Ilam Petrochemical after extensive research and study of appropriate technology to use this feed. . The surplus feed required for this unit will be provided by Bandar Imam Petrochemical Company and Abadan Refinery.
The activities of this project include purchasing, implementing and transporting a second-hand polypropylene unit with gas phase technology and Dow Unipol technical knowledge (for the first time in Iran) from Australia to the site in Ilam, performing basic and detailed engineering, supplying new equipment. The need is to carry out the activity of the building and install the mentioned unit, as well as its pre-commissioning and commissioning within 25 months (according to the initial forecast).
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